Monday January 31

Well, it started off sunny, so I’ll count that in my survey and that makes 17 for January.

On another matter does anyone else feel just a tad overwhelmed by the amount of ‘blogs’ out there in internet land?

Sunday January 29th.

So far according to my calender and counting we have had 16 days of sunshine this month and there’s still tomorrow to go. I have been meaning to do this since I arrived. As we are supposed to get 300 per year I have decided to check. Should be interesting.

‘Deluge’ yesterday (well it has to rain sometime to make the luscious grapes) and I had to make the one and a half hour drive to a village near Castelnaudry, aquaplaning for a fair bit of the way. Not fun, but I was going to meet some people and look at their gîte as another possible painting holiday venue. I’ll keep you posted.

Sunday January 23th

Another big blue sky and a trip to the regular market at St Chinian. French markets have always been a great passion for me. The colours, the voluptuous displays, the wide variety of goodies, mostly related to food of course. The smell of chickens on the spit, the fresh mimosa, bright and fluffy in the sun and the range of vegetable and fruit. Fabulous.

Thursday January 20th

The sun is shining in an amazingly big blue sky and I just had lunch on my terrace. Not bad eh?

I was feeling a bit down, due to ‘French Frustrations’ so I fancied some comfort food. So a rummage in the freezer revealed some left over cassoulet. Just the job! Accompanied by a glass of red, sitting in the sun and voila, my mood lifted.

Painting Holidays in France
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