This old sign is on one of the houses in my village. There is no shop frontage as we know today, it just looks like any other house. So perhaps the owners were running this facility in their front room for the benefit of the villagers. It would be interesting to know the history.

But even more interesting would be to know how there seems to be so many houses in French villages, and even cities just closed up and apparently ‘owner less’. Maybe the family line died out and there was no one to inherit? Or the inheritors moved to the city and it would cost more to put the property in a state to sell, than it’s worth.

What’s inside? Has it been left as if someone had just popped out to the shops? Has it been stripped of all it original features, such as marble fireplaces and other fittings?

For all the years that I have been visiting France, and now living here, this has always been a matter that has intrigued me. What do you think?

Well, it’s going to be another red dot on my calender marking another day of sunshine. A rather strong chilly wind, but if you can keep out of it, then get ready to bask in the sunshine. So mush so today I had my lunch on the terrace.

This evening I’m going to Carcassonne to an event arranged by ‘Survive France’ and no doubt I’l see some of the owners of my new painting holiday venues. I’ll let you know.

Painting Holidays in France
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