We know from our own experiences at school that our enjoyment and ability to grasp a subject can depend very much on the teacherTherefore my approach is gentle, patient but most of all enthusiastic. I’m passionate about getting my message across, so that others can enjoy painting as much as I do. Click on the picture on the right and hear what I have to say about your painting holiday experience

My objective is to make your learning experience as much fun as possible. I do this not just by talking about a technique but showing you how it’s done, where it can be used and holding your hand every step of the way.

The creative spirit within needs to be coaxed and gently nurtured  to allow it to achieve marvellous things.

There is great pleasure to be had  in the ‘doing’ until, you are almost in a meditative state and the result is merely a happy ending to a fulfilling experience. Trust me to bring out the artist in you.


I also have a channel onyoutube-square-logo-52FE5CC7E1-seeklogo.com called Nicola Blakemore. Go and take a peek at some of my videos showing you tips and techniques.

A Brief Biography

I originally trained as a graphic artist, and then followed a different career path working in the media, travel and public relations.

After time spent in both London and Paris, I returned to my creative roots, so to speak, and became involved with interior design, specialist painting effects and creating murals for clients in both the UK and overseas.

I have taught at college level, with special needs and worked with private groups. Now installed in the Languedoc south west of France, I continue to create murals, specialist painting effects, teach art both in classes and on painting holidays. I also paint a variety of subjects to commission, including pets and houses and I am accomplished in a variety of media and styles including portraiture.

There is a saying that you should’ know what you are good at and stick to it’, I say, ‘discover what you might be even better at and go for it’.

I have had work featured in Country Living magazine and on BBC Radio 4 and Central TVin the UK


‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep’. ~Scott Adams

Painting Holidays in France
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