Here is my latest little painting video tutorial now on my You Tube channel.

Take a look and have a go at this little bunch of Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Toms

So often when we are drawing or painting, we are so focused on the objects we forget to look at the spaces. Well this little painting tutorial is to help you take note of the spaces. 

Negative Space

For example, it is very helpful when you are sketching a still life and you are working out how to place your objects in relation to each other, by looking at the shape of the spaces between.

Not only is it a great exercise in helping your brain become more flexible, it also shows you how by painting the spaces you create the objects at the same time. Confused? Well have go, you’ll have to concentrate but it’s worth it.

I can’t take credit for the idea, as I found it in a book I have had for years by Linda Kemp. Check her out if you’d like to know about this approach to painting.

For more watercolour painting courses and painting workshops, go to ‘Painting with Nicola’  Or if you can join me on one of my painting holidays. Enjoy your painting.



Here is the first batch of the year, sliced and seasoned and ready to dry.

And it’s only June 18. I hadn’t thought to be doing this in June but the weather is so hot and these little darlings so tempting it had to be done. And what better task to do on my terrace on a Sunday morning.

There they are, the little beauties, all tucked up for the day. Now I hope I’ve got enough jars !

sundried toms

Whether you have been living on your own for years, or it is a situation which is fairly new to you, sometimes it’s hard to go somewhere different on your own, however much you want to.

I have had many singletons, both male and female come on my painting holidays over the years, but this lady knew that she had to embrace the anxiety and do it anyway.

Still going through a bereavement, she  hadn’t done anything on her own for many years and she also hadn’t painted for quite a while and felt that she had lost her confidence. But this little interview will show you how she overcame her fears and found the perfect place, company and tuition to move her on. Well done and keep creating your beautiful paintings.

So don’t be anxious, just come and have a great time.

When I posted this video in my painting group page on Facebook, I was thrilled to see a comment from a lady who came earlier in the month.

‘Yes I can absolutely endorse this 1000% I thoroughly enjoyed myself in a wonderful, safe, friendly, caring and nurturing environment second to none and which was only made possible by two exceptionally kind ladies, Nicola and Annika who were both insightful and intuitive and nothing was too much trouble for them, I thought I might have felt intimidated by more experienced painters but this was not the case at all. This painting holiday was excellent value for money and far exceeded my expectations in every aspect.’ Alison

Well an accolade indeed. I feel honoured and slightly humbled that this lady wanted to make the big trip to be able to have my tuition in person rather than via the internet. Let Stephanie tell you about it. Thanks Stephanie.


My second painting holiday group are enjoying some fabulous weather in a beautiful and peaceful setting at my venue  in my village ‘Maison Quarante.’

When they are not working in our bright and comfortable studio learning and trying out new techniques, they can be found sitting in the garden painting putting into action their new found skills.

This group was made up of more experienced painters, but they confessed that they had not really been taught how to properly plan a painting. Now armed with that knowledge they are feeling more confident and prepared to get painting.

My next painting holiday in Quarante will be in September.


I have just uploaded my latest painting video to YouTube. Just 30 minutes of pure, pink, painting pleasure.

Paint this in three stages and if you want me to send you the photos and the drawings I worked from just write to and I will send them to you with pleasure. Click on the picture below and it will take you straight to the video which has three stages joined together in one 30 minute video.


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YouTube channel: Nicola Blakemore

Learn to paint on line with me at

Especially for you I have put together two of my essential watercolour painting courses to help you get the most from your painting.

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The bundle includes:

Course ONE: Painting Essentials – Beginner? Get good habits. Experienced? A bit of revision

* An absolute beginner? This will give you some basic guidelines to create solid foundations to help you get into good habits right from the start.

* Already painting but think your pictures lack ‘something?’ This might be just what you’re looking for to lift the standard of your work and make your paintings stand out from the rest. It’s easy to get in a rut and use the same methods time after time. This course will help you step outside your comfort zone.

Take a closer look at composition, shadows, fixing mistake, perspective, making changes and colour harmony.

Course TWO: Painting- Special effects with brush techniques, other tools and substances.

Do you want to take your watercolour painting to a higher level ?

Do you feel that you are a bit stuck ?

Do you want to give your paintings that WOW factor ?

Then this is the course for you.

This course is for anyone interested in starting to paint with watercolours and also for those who are already painting with them but would like to lift their work to the next level.

TWO super courses to help you on your watercolour painting adventure

Enjoy your painting, love Nicola





I have always admired people who have that relaxed and fearless state of mind to be able to work in the ‘sketch book style’

People like Danny Greggory who see’s his art as a comment on the everyday, taking it from the mundane to something that matters, to have the motivation to draw anything and everything that presents to him. It was also a way for him to survive his ‘monkey mind’ whilst going through a very difficult period in his life. Which is in itself a valid enough reason. We all need to escape that incessant chatter from time to time.

I am forever, and I mean FOREVER telling my students to enjoy the ‘pleasure of the doing’ and that the outcome is secondary. It doesn’t matter what other people think of your painting, it’s only what you think that matters and that the process is the most important thing.

So with the enjoyment and the ‘doing’ in mind I have embarked on some sketchbook work myself, including posting some videos on my YouTube channel for people to do and the feedback is very rewarding. I am also enjoying it.

So if you don’t, think you can’t or even can’t be bothered have a go, have a scribble, just scrawl about with a pen and some watercolour crayons. And if you need any help get in touch with me and we can scrawl together.

Happy sketching.

Village Scene

Village Scene

Sketch Book

Sketch Book

It’s my favourite time of the year when everything is fresh and vibrant. Fabulous.

As a celebration of the brilliant poppies I made this little video. You can see on my YouTube channel. Just click on the picture below. And have fun.

A tutorial on YouTube

A tutorial on YouTube

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